When most people hear the word pocket door, they immediately conjure up images of a doggy door or a door within a door. So What is A Pocket Door and Is It Right For You? A pocket door is a sliding door that, when fully opened, vanishes into a space in the neighboring wall. They can be employed for aesthetic reasons or when there isn’t enough space for a hinged door to swing open. A pocket door is an excellent choice for smaller spaces or regions where a swinging door is inconvenient for space. Some, like the partial height pocket door, can also be used as a pet/baby gate. Some homeowners prefer the aesthetics and look of a sliding door in their home. As you can see, this door style is more modern.

Pros of Pocket DoorsWhat is a Pocket Door and is it Right for You?

There are numerous advantages to using pocket doors. The main benefit is that it saves room in small spaces where doors don’t fit or in confined spaces. These are ideal for use in restrooms and small closets. A pocket door is designed to save valuable wall space that can then be used for additional bookcases or furniture.

Sliding doors can be used to create two independent rooms. For you to be able to join the rooms as needed. Also, pocket doors, particularly glass pocket doors, have an aesthetic value that many people can employ to bring originality to their homes.

Partially-height pocket doors, which are barely two or three feet tall, are another popular choice among parents. They work well as a barrier to keep toddlers and dogs out of specific rooms. For example, when cooking or cleaning in the kitchen.

Almost any parent or sliding door company will tell you how inconvenient it is to permanently or temporarily install a baby gate in any room. It’s just a question of whether or not you need a gate up with the partial height pocket doors.

Cons of Pocket Doors

While pocket doors have many advantages, they also have some disadvantages. The door does not seal as tightly as a standard swinging door that can be secured, which is one of the main difficulties.

Because of the leak, the sound isn’t as muffled and you can hear more clearly behind the closed doors. If there are any odors in the bathroom or kitchen, they quickly spread throughout the open house. With pocket doors, it’s also difficult to keep the light out. If you’re a light sleeper who has trouble sleeping because of the light, this might not be the best option for your bedroom door.

Pocket Door Challenges

Another issue is that when installing the pocket door, you must rip out a section of the wall. The door is plastered and drywalled when it is completed being equipped. This means the wall is less strong than a swinging door because there are no central reinforcements or studs.

Pocket doors are also renowned for having operation issues, such as falling off tracks. In addition to traveling slowly, they are difficult to lock and can shriek when rolled.

Anyone with dexterity concerns, such as arthritis, may have difficulty opening the doors because they require more work to close than a swinging door. Even if they have to be repaired or replaced, most individuals who install them appreciate them.

Pocket Door with Passive and Private Access

There are two types of pocket doors: passive and private. The door is passive, which means you can close it but it does not lock. A lock is on a private pocket door. Unfortunately, pocket door locks are typically weak and only feature a round or square lock.

The square lock is a finger pull that flips out from the door edge and slides the door out of the pocket. The round pocket door lock has a pop-out tab that you can use to pull the door out of the pocket. Unfortunately, the locking methods are not very strong and are designed more for general privacy than for keeping people out.

Wisconsin Pocket Door RepairWhat is a Pocket Door and is it Right for You?

Simple things like lubricating the rollers are some of the most common problems with the doors. When the door is older, it may be necessary to replace the track and outdated rollers. They may have accumulated dirt or been chipped away at and require replacement. A contractor can be hired. However, if you are confident enough, you can purchase the necessary equipment and perform the work yourself.

The most unpleasant aspect of repairing pocket doors is that the majority of methods begin with making a hole in your wall. This is required to determine the nature of the problem. This is sometimes a smaller 2′ x 3′ opening on the side with a door pocket. The door will be removed through this hole in the wall. So you can figure out what’s wrong and potentially fix it. If you’re not a handyman, there’s no shame in contacting a contractor or repair team for assistance.

Services for Pocket Door Repair

With Wisconsin’s fluctuating weather that isn’t always kind to homes, there are a lot of pocket door repair firms in Kenosha. Genesis lists pocket doors as one of the top Kenosha pocket door repair companies, and we are one of the few that can say that we don’t need to open up your wall to repair the issue, which is most people’s pet peeve.

Ultimately, the problem is one of choice. A pocket door is excellent for reducing space and improving aesthetics, and partial height pocket doors also serve as a built-in gate for children or pets. If you decide that a pocket door is perfect for you, make sure you purchase high-quality parts and supplies. There are many pocket door repair services in the area if you don’t feel comfortable installing or repairing it yourself.

Just ring Genesis patio doors Kenosha County, WI experts at (847)851-4065 to help you decide if the pocket door is for you. Also learn about After the Storm: Sliding Glass Door and Window Repair and other sliding door topics and tips on our site.

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