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Patio Sliding Door Water Proofing

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Common Issues for Leaking Sliding Doors

Leaking sliding patio doors are a very common problem, especially if you’ve had your door for a while. Once a water leak has formed it can ruin your framing, cause rotting wood, mold damage, and floor damage around the door. ​

Here are some typical reasons for sliding door leaks:

  • Bad construction– Gaps in the framing where the sliding door is installed and the sliding door itself.

  • Damaged tracks– If the door track is damaged, it can cause water to no longer be sealed from entering into your home.

  • No flashing or damaged flashing– When preparing the frame to receive a sliding door, flashing is applied to the 1 x 4 as a protective barrier to protect the wood. Often this is either worn or missing which results in the wood either becoming rotten or it doesn’t seal as well.

  • Weather Stripping– This is a standard maintenance issue with balcony and patio sliding doors. Often the weather stripping is worn or missing and is now allowing water to seep into the house.

  • Caulking– Caulking is an important part of the sealing of a home. Most home or condo owners don’t realize that sliding doors need a special type of caulking in order for the water proofing to be effective.


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