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We Specialize In Patio Sliding Glass Door Repair

Genesis Sliding Doors, we have been servicing customers in SE WI & N IL for over a decade! We are a name you can trust for all of your roller repair and sliding door needs. Just ask any of our customers!

Common issues include off track rollers, roller replacement, stuck rollers, adjusted rollers, track issues.

When your sliding door rollers are not working properly, it’s time to call Genesis Sliding Doors! You should not attempt to perform sliding door repairs on your own – the job is much more difficult than it seems at first. Sliding door roller repair requires the removal of the door from its tracks, and those are heavy. A fallen sliding door can cause serious injury and may shatter, putting your family at risk of glass shards.

When professionally done, sliding door roller repair and replacement is a quick job. Our expert technicians will arrive on site and perform a full examination of your sliding door, in order to locate any other issues that may hinder the proper functioning of your door. Dysfunctional sliding door rollers are often paired with clogged or even misaligned door tracks, or roller wheel corrosion that will result in a jammed door. We tend to use excessive force with jammed sliding doors, which can only lead to more complications. At Genesis Sliding Doors, we offer a full range of sliding door repair and replacement services in Greater Chicago area from roller to handle, from track to glass. With one quick phone call, our team will be on its way to provide you with the best sliding door experience. Repairs are performed on site by our team of professionals – all are licensed and insured, and possess the latest knowledgeable on sliding door technology. Our experts get the job done quickly and at convenient rates.


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