Is your sliding glass door difficult to open? So today, we’ll give simple techniques to assist you in getting your stuck sliding glass door working again. Why sliding glass door adjustment screw not working?


Before we begin, here is a list of the materials you will require:

As you can see, this type of simple remedy is low-cost, quick, and will help keep your sliding glass door, well, SLIDING. Always contact patio door repair service near me.

Cleaning the Sliding Glass Door Track is the First Step.

Lubricate the Sliding Glass Door Track is the Step Two

What Comes Next?

Sliding glass door adjustment screws

Top Tip: Make sure to test the security foot lock to ensure it is correctly locking

There are simple remedies if you have any problems with the foot lock after reassembling it. Simply release the two screws and move the foot lock up or down if the lock is not catching in the hole. Ensure that the screws in the foot lock are not overtightened since this can compress the lock and cause it to fail.

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