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Patio Sliding Door Lock Service

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Sliding Door Latch/Lock/Handle Services

Free Lock Repair Estimate for your Door

Genesis Sliding Doors, we have been servicing customers in SE WI & N IL for over a decade!  We are a name you can trust for all of your sliding door and patio locksmith needs.  Just ask any of our customers, commercial or residential!
Common issues with sliding door locks and handles include not latching, unable to lock, lock repair or replacement, handle replacement, handle detached,  sliding door unable to move, etc.

Our technicians are ready to respond quickly and repair sliding door lock latch and locks, with professionalism and speed. We come prepared with over 100 handle/lock products for your satisfaction for your glass and balcony doors.  Our mission is to have your door safe and secure, and make sure you will not have to spend even one sleepless night worrying about the safety of your loved ones.

Genesis Sliding Doors will send out one of our expert technicians to your home to assess the problem and recommend the most suitable solution. More often than not, a simple sliding door lock replacement or latch repair will do the trick. We will perform the job on-site.

No waiting, no worries. Other companies might try to talk you into replacing the entire lock, or even the door itself. Remember, only a certified professional can give you a correct damage assessment and suggest the right solution to the problem. From the simplest repairs to complete mechanism replacement, we guarantee to remain honest and transparent, and give you exactly what you need. No hidden tricks, just top-notch service.

Upon arriving on site, our team will perform a complete checkup of your sliding door and identify the exact cause of your problem. Sometimes a jammed sliding door lock is only one of several sliding door issues that can impair the proper function of your door which should be super smooth.

We want to make sure to catch everything that might need tending to, so everything can be tended to in one visit, saving you time and money.

Your sliding door lock or latch can be repaired by one of our licensed technicians, on the spot. No need to wait and fear for the safety of your loved ones at home – your problem will be fixed as soon as possible. When possible, we will repair the existing lock, but sometimes a replacement might be in order. If you are in need of sliding door lock replacement in, our team is here to help! We carry a large variety of locks to choose from to include heavy duty keyed bolt locks, to security bar locks, and even loop locks. Our technicians will help you choose the lock that best meets your security needs whether residential or a commercial door.  Call for more information on entry and patio sliding systems.


What if your door lock or specific products are no longer made?

One issue you can encounter is that the lock on your patio door is no longer manufactured. There are items that can aid in these cases for an older door. We have been at this so long that 98% of the time we have the door lock you need for your patio sliding door. However, in the rare case that happens, there are universal locks that work just as well on your classic door.

Broken Mortise Door Lock

A non-locking spring latch assembly or a key locking mortise lock assembly controlled by a door handle or thumb-turn assembly are examples of mortise locks for patio doors. A sash style lock is one that fits this description. In old terminology, a “dead lock” is a simpler type without a handle or latch. Mortise lock assemblies usually have a lever lock mechanism and are installed in a mortise or inset housing track. The lock body, which is located within the mortise cut-out in the frame, is included in a traditional “mortise lock” installation. the lock trim (which can be chosen from a variety of doorknobs, levers, handle sets, and pulls); a strike plate, also known as a box hold, which lines the hole in the frame through which the bolt fits; and the keyed cylinder, which controls the lock body’s locking and unlocking functions.


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