Simmons Island Beach

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, you’ll find Simmons Island Park, where you’ll also find the Simmons Island Beach House. In 2003, it was acknowledged as deserving inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.

Zalmon G. Simmons, an industrialist, made a donation of land in 1916 for the creation of the Simmons Island Park. In the 1930s, work was done on the landscaping, and construction began on the beach house. The building’s central block is one, and a half stories tall, and the building’s wings are each one story tall. Discover more about history at Kenosha History Center. It has steep roofs that are covered in slate. Genesis Sliding Doors is located in Kenosha County and provides their services thereof installation and repairing. Call them at 847-851-4065.

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