Sliding closet doors (also known as bypass closet doors) are standard sliding doors that include two or more door panels that glide on a roller track. They are excellent for saving space, but the disadvantage is that only a piece of the closet may be reached at any given time. The outside frame of Shaker sliding wardrobe doors is thick, with a recessed center panel. Shaker wardrobe doors have a timeless and versatile style, making them suitable for both modern and traditional settings. Make a beautiful house to install shaker bypass closet doors.

Shaker Bypass Closet Doors

Shaker Lite Sliding Glass Closet Door

The Lite sliding bypass closet door has high-quality Italian-designed-inspired details, such as three tempered frosted glass inserts. A smooth, painted-look Cherry frame surrounds the glass for a tidy, modern style that complements mid-century modern, minimalistic, and urban house designs. Tempered frosted glass with a thickness of 4mm is up to four times stronger than conventional glass. These doors provide complete access while taking up less floor space than a typical swing door. The frosted glass design provides privacy while also allowing natural light to enter the space.

What exactly is included?

Shaker Paneled Wood Primed Bi-Fold Door

Shaker Panel Bifold Door adds warmth and charm to any home. Our square edge sticking has a clean appearance and will leave a lasting impression on the interior of your home. Our shaker panel Bifold Doors will complement any home, new or old.

96″x80″ 4 Panel Shaker Style Bypass Closet Door with Glass & Mirror Insert


High-quality, four-leaf bypass sliding closet door with back-painted glass and mirror insert, as well as hardware.

Bypass sliding closet doors are frequently used for wardrobe closet or storage closet applications, and they are typically lightweight. Bypass sliding doors are suspended from rollers that run on an overhead track. These double-sided mirrored bypass doors are ideal for closets because they are often mounted in pairs and bypass one another to give access within your closet area.

A sliding bypass closet door gives seclusion while also reducing space. Sliding door is supported by smooth-running rollers. The door is simple to install, long-lasting, and sturdy. With trend and space-saving designs ranging from casual to contemporary; these closet meets the demands of today’s lifestyle. A high-quality, trendy, and appealing glass closet door will add warmth and energy to your living space at a reasonable price. Adding a sliding glass door to your bedroom can make it beautiful.

Shaker Style Beveled Mirror Sliding Bypass Closet Door, Painted White, 96″x96″

BEVELED SHAKER BYPASS SLIDING CLOSET DOOR WITH MIRROR PANEL AND BYPASS SLIDING HARDWARE 4 PANELS High-quality, four-leaf bypass sliding closet door with mirror, back-painted glass insert, and hardware.

In wardrobe closets and storage closets, bypass sliding closet doors are frequently used. Rollers attached to an overhead track suspend bypass sliding doors. Often mounted in pairs, these double-sided mirrored bypass doors bypass each other to give access to closet areas, making them perfect for closets.

In addition to providing seclusion, a sliding mirror closet door also saves space. The sliding door is supported by smooth-running rollers. It is easy to install, long-lasting, and sturdy. With a variety of space-saving and trend-setting designs, this closet is ideal for today’s lifestyle. Providing warmth and energy to your living space at an affordable price, Closet doors are embellished with high-quality, trendy, and appealing finishes.

Shaker 3 panel Sliding Wardrobe doors

Please keep in mind that there are two options for purchasing standard-sized doors. Option 1 is to use the ‘Design tool,’ and Option 2 is to use the ‘Individual Doors’ portion. The design tool allows you to visualize different doors next to each other and includes the cost of your tracks.

Our Shaker STANDARD SIZED sliding wardrobe doors are available in 610, 762, and 914mm widths (24 inch, 30 inch and 36 inch). They fit an opening height of 2260mm, or 2275 if you desire soft close. If your aperture is larger, you can utilize wood panels to lower the size, or you can choose made-to-measure doors.

Using our design tool, combine 610, 762, or 914mm sliding doors to achieve the desired wardrobe width. Doors will overlap more if the aperture is smaller. All prices include matching ‘value’ tracks.

Shaker Standard Sliding Wardrobe Door with Soft Close Upgrade

If the standard door designs and sizes meet your needs, but you want the quality of a soft close guide and track system, we can update your standard doors to have tracks, wheels, and guides from the made to measure range. To accommodate the soft close, you must raise your conventional door opening height to 2275mm. Please contact us to make arrangements. The fee varies based on whether you use our design tool or purchase kits.

Why not use our Design Tool to help you create your Standard Size Sliding Wardrobe?

Shaker Made to Measure Doors

We also have a fantastic selection of MADE TO MEASURE SHAKER SLIDING WARDROBE DOORS. You get the choice of different glass colors and wood finishes, so they aren’t more expensive than conventional.

All Shaker made to measure doors include higher standard wheels, guides, top track, and our Patented SOFT CLOSE, and, of course, we make them to measure to your precise specifications, so you will not need to adjust the size of your aperture to suit the size of the doors. Read about  plantation louvered sliding closet doors. Contact genesis for lowes sliding glass door installation. Or contact us at 847-851-4065.

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