Pewaukee Lake

Pewaukee Lake is a lake in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, situated in the United States. Pewaukee Lake, the largest lake in Waukesha County’s “Lake Country,” is about five miles long and one mile wide, with an average depth of 15 feet sloping to a maximum depth of 46 feet. The lake is well-known for its inland sailing competitions. National sailing contests are held on a yearly basis and are frequently hosted by the Pewaukee Yacht Club on the lake’s southern edge. Bluegill, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, muskellunge, northern pike, tiger muskellunge, walleye, yellow perch, and non-native carp are among the lake’s fish. During the spring and summer of 2008, Pewaukee Lake suffered high water levels and flooding. The floods damaged the surrounding area to the tune of millions of dollars. Fox River Park is the best place to visit, Genesis Sliding doors are also situated in Waukesha WI. You can contact us at 847-851-4065.

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