Peninsula State Park

Peninsula State Park is a 3,776-acre (1,528 ha) Wisconsin state park in Door County with eight miles (13 km) of Green Bay shoreline. Peninsula is Wisconsin’s third largest state park, with an estimated one million visitors annually.

Members of the Wisconsin State Park Board visited Door County in May 1908 to look for a location for a state park. County town chairmen were asked to come up with possible tracts and prices for the board. Individuals could also advocate for the location of the new park. Baileys Harbor and Jacksonport offered the state over 1,000 acres straddling Kangaroo Lake and Lake Michigan. The board members also considered Clarks Lake in Sevastopol, Ellison Bay, Gills Rock, and Europe Bay as potential locations. Read more about Door County’s Historical MuseumIf you want to repair your patio door, then contact Genesis, located in door county Wisconsin. For additional information on this and other topics, please contact us at 847-851-4065.

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