Do you have a difficult-to-slide sliding door in your home? Is it necessary to use two hands to open and close your sliding door? Would you like your door to slide like a new door? My Sliding Door is Stuck! What Should I Do?

You’ve come to the right site if you answered yes to any of those questions.

We’d like to provide you with helpful information on how to repair your sliding door. This knowledge can help you save money and time. If none of these suggestions worked, you may need to hire a professional sliding door service.

Sliding Door Won’ Open!  What do I do?My Sliding Door is Stuck! What Should I Do?

We like assisting our consumers in the Kenosha and Rockford, WI area. With this in mind, we carefully consider our customers’ budgets and time constraints. Genesis Sliding Doors is a firm that specializes in sliding door and window repair. We are on the move and driving a fully prepared service truck with all of the gear required to repair your sliding door.

We are happy to provide you with this information, but please keep in mind that if you require professional sliding door repair, we are the company to call.

Please follow the steps below to repair your sliding door.

Examine if your sliding door is out of alignment.

The first step is to determine if your sliding door is off track. Check the rollers on the tack under your sliding door by bending down. If you can’t see the rollers, try lifting the door with a flat screwdriver. You can reposition the rollers if they’ve strayed.

Cleaning Sliding Door Tracks

Cleaning your sliding door track is critical to ensure that your door runs smoothly. You should clean the corners of the frame while cleaning the track. Cleaning the track of your sliding door with a brush or vacuum usually removes all hair, food, dust, and dirt. Cleaning your track may be more difficult than usual depending on the amount of wear and tear.

Your Rollers Need Lubrication

Lubricating sliding door rollers once a month is advised. This performance will ensure that your sliding door rollers remain in good working order. When it comes to sliding doors, it’s possible that lubrication has worn out and they’ve become stuck. Please contact a company that repairs sliding doors near me  to have your sliding door rollers replaced.My Sliding Door is Stuck! What Should I Do?

For your repair or replacement needs, choose our team.

Even if you maintain something, time will eventually require its replacement. However, maintaining your sliding glass door will help it last longer. There’s nothing wrong with calling professionals who have more experience dealing with sliding doors if you ever feel out of your depth and unsure if you can do it yourself

If you want a reliable sliding door installation company call Genesis at (847)851-4065 and we’ll get the job done! Also learn about Why You Should Get Your Sliding Doors Repaired and the factors that play a part in the cause.

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