Menards closet doors are an important design element. They hide closet contents. Door types determine where and how storage can be installed. No one likes closet doors blocking their clothes and accessories. Doors can also be eye-catching. The size of a door can affect a room’s look. They’re a key design feature. What is Menards closet doors sliding?

menards closet doors sliding

Designing a closet involves utilitarian and aesthetic concerns. What’s behind the closet door? You want quick access while maximizing closet space. When designing a new closet, consider the door type. Diverse closet doors necessitate different inside designs. Follow this advice to ensure your custom closet door follows best practices.

Design concerns for closet doors:


Pocket doors slide on a track. Most pocket doors hang from a secret track in the wall and door header. The door is smooth and unnoticeable when open. Single or double pocket doors. When open, double pocket doors hide in wall cavities on each side of the entrance. When open, they don’t block anything. There are no special “behind the door” considerations with this door system. Install closet organizers carefully near a pocket door. Screwing into the door will freeze it and make it unusable.

1920s American Craftsman homebuilding popularized pocket doors. They’re a good alternative for tight spaces, despite being less popular.


Pull to open. They can swing left or right. Double doors won’t hinder your closet’s style. They take up no space in the closet since they swing into the next room, generally the bedroom or master bath. Swing out doors maximize closet storage. No need to worry about door-locked objects.

You need enough space outside the closet to leave this door open. Depends on the door size. In compact places, there isn’t enough room to leave them open without hitting furniture or blocking a path or another doorway. Contact Genesis Sliding doors for sliding glass door installation.

Right: swing-in closet doors

Like the front door, closet doors usually swing in. This increases room space but complicates the closet design. Some items are blocked by open doors. A swinging closet door is a convenient place to store seldom-used items. This includes gowns and out-of-season attire. If you don’t wear your bathrobe often, move it from the long-hang area to a hook. Although access isn’t as easy as in other closet regions, you can still reach this clothing. Most closets with swinging doors are walk-ins, so you can access the goods when you enter.

Left-swinging closet doors have the same considerations as right-swinging doors. Consider stacking your seldom-used goods behind the door. Behind-the-door shelves are preferable to hanging. 20-inch hangers are required for garments. The standard shelf depth is 14 inches. Depending on your closet’s size, shelves may go behind the door.

Bifold doors:

Closet door bifold.

Bifold doors have a clear center. As doors stack, right and left areas will be blocked.

With bifold doors, reach-in closets are built into walls. There are many types of doors, including wood, glass, metal, louvered, and others. Popular because it has the largest unobstructed closet opening of any door design. Pocket doors have the largest opening.

Bifold door panels fold up accordion-style when fully opened and stand on the door opening’s sides. This hides some closet storage. As a result, the drawer may strike the bifold door. This prevents the door from opening. Place bifold closet drawers in the center of the wall. This layout facilitates drawer access.


The sliding closet door maximizes right and left-side storage. It is possible that opening either door partially obstructs the center of the closet, depending on how the doors stack.

Sliding doors are popular. Sliders are the second-most common reach-in closet door after bi-folds. Mirrored, paneled, or another style. Many sliding doors have easy-to-clean laminate finishes. Traditional sliding closet doors hang from a trim-covered track. Using top-door wheels, they roll along the track. Sliding cabinet doors and floor-based closet systems have an upper and lower track, like a patio door. When opened, sliding doors stack. You can only view/use one side at a time. The center is partially obscured. Never put drawers in the middle of a sliding-door reach-in closet. The drawers won’t open completely. Keep drawers off to the side so they can open without striking anything.

Beveled 48″W x 80-1/2″H White Steel Frameless Mirrored Sliding Closet Door by Colonial Elegance


Nothing brightens up a room like a sparkling, handcrafted mirror. Its beveled-edge design and safety-backed glass add a touch of elegance to your home while maintaining a high level of quality. It comes with a jump-resistant roller as well as prefinished top and bottom tracks.


Image of the Designer Ready-to-Finish Pine Full Louver Bi-Fold Closet Door 24″W x 80″H


Wood louver doors ventilate closets and improve the flow of fresh air between rooms. Any room with poor air circulation will benefit from the elegance of the louvered design.


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