Sliding glass doors are a popular feature in many homes, but covering one for privacy and light control can be difficult. While there are many options for covering your sliding glass door on the market, not all of them are easy to use and complementary to your decor. How to make sliding glass doors look better?

Sliding Glass Doors Look Better


Vertical blinds, for example, are a popular option, but they are not always effective or appealing. Consider better window treatments for your sliding glass door instead.

Sliding Glass Door Options Other Than Vertical Blinds

The traditional vertical blinds on sliding glass doors are well-known. However, they are ineffective. They’re typically made of flimsy vinal that tears easily, resulting in a window treatment with broken, missing, or yellowing vanes. It only takes one to become misaligned to prevent you from easily opening or closing them. Even in good condition, blinds appear to be an afterthought in an otherwise stylish room. If you want to cover a sliding glass door, your options go beyond the outdated vertical blinds. Consider plantation shutters or panel tracks for your next sliding glass door treatment for improved functionality and style.

Plantation Shutters Enhance the Look of Your Sliding Glass Door

Plantation shutters are an excellent choice if you frequently use your sliding glass door or are constantly adjusting the amount of natural light coming in. They are designed to last longer than other window and door treatments and will not break with normal use. They are easily open and close to control privacy and lighting and are very simple to dust and clean. Faux wood shutters, such as Polywood Plantation Shutters, will make your home more energy-efficient and lower your utility bill. For sliding patio door glass replacement, genesis is the best one.

Plantation shutters are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. They look great in any room and are available in various colors to match any decor, ranging from bright white Polywood to the various stains available in our real wood Ovation Shutters. Plantation shutters, unlike vertical blinds, are an asset to any home and can even increase its value!

Panel Tracks function Similarly to Higher-Quality Vertical Blinds

panel tracks on a sliding door in the dining room

Panel tracks are ideal for covering a large window or sliding glass doors. They are hung similarly to vertical blinds but without the drawbacks associated with vertical blinds. They’re simple to open and close, and when pulled open, the blinds panels stack neatly out of the way. There will be no clacking because these panels will not catch on each other and tear. The ease of use also makes it easier to control light and privacy. A light filtering panel is also included with panel track shades to control light and privacy.

Panel track shades have a pleasing, contemporary appearance and are available in a wide range of colors and materials to complement any room. While panel tracks can be used to cover large picture windows or as a room divider, they are still a simple way to add both style and functionality to a sliding glass door.

Sliding glass door covering ideas

What are the essential style and function considerations when choosing curtains for sliding doors? We asked designers for ideas on buying curtains for sliding doors and choosing a color. Inspired? Keep reading.

Designers advocate window treatments that work like doors. “With sliders, you want side-to-side, not up-and-down.” Some choose drapes that complement their wall color. This can help drapes blend into a space rather than make a stark stylistic statement. Because of this, white is popular.

Genesis Sliding Glass Door Covering Is Simple

Upgrade your sliding glass door with functional, attractive plantation shutters or panel tracks. Both options look and perform better than traditional, boring vinyl blinds and will quickly pay for themselves by increasing the value of your home. Are you worried after installing sliding glass doors? Read another post about are sliding glass doors safe? Genesis makes it simple to cover a sliding glass door and provides sliding door glass replacement services. Our experts can assist you in understanding the various advantages of our plantation shutters and panel tracks to make the best decision for your home. Call 847-851-4065 to make an appointment today.

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