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French doors are an exceptionally popular alternative for Kenosha, WI residences, as they provide a sophisticated, timeless appearance and feature glass pane windows that allow natural light and views to enter. There is nothing more distressing than discovering that one or more of the window panels in your French doors are broken or cracked whether it be the shower door or patio door. As these Kenosha panes are frequently not tempered, it is vital repairing or replace a broken French glass door as soon as possible or at least remove all evidence of the broken glass in a safe manner.

Greater Chicago and Wisconsin have been served by Genesis Sliding Doors for more than a decade! There are numerous reasons why you may need to replace the glass in your Kenosha patio or balcony sliding door’s french door, including fractured or cracked glass, moisture between the panes, or condensation. We can replace any sliding door glass panel, including double-paned, tempered, and laminated glass. Call us today for a free estimate, and we can replace the sliding glass in your French door the same day! View directions Springfield and look at our work on our site as well.

How To Replace French Door Glass On Sliding Door | Kenosha County

Other Kenosha home sliding patio doors glass replacement and repair services in your area can take several days and even weeks to complete jobs including window repair for zen windows, and more. At Genesis Sliding Doors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, we guarantee a quick home analysis of the issue, an on-site quote, and immediate door repair. Our inspections are thorough, so you can rest easy knowing that no surprise issues will pop up after we leave whether it be commercial or residential. Here’s a step-by-step process of how to replace your french door glass:

1. Evaluate the Damage

The good news is that if only one pane of glass in your French doors is damaged, you do not need to replace the entire door. Simply replace the broken panes of glass. Examine the number of broken glass panes and determine which ones will need to be replaced.

2. Remove the Splintered Glass
This phase is arguably the most dangerous, so if you are unsure about your ability to complete it safely, contact a local glass firm for assistance. Using protective gloves and goggles, carefully remove the shattered glass from the frame and store it in a paper bag for disposal. Before removing damaged but unbroken glass, seal the cracks using duct tape. After removing the door’s glass, always sweep and vacuum the area around the door to remove any remaining debris.

3. Eliminate the Trim and Glazing Points
Using a small pry bar or pliers if necessary, remove the window’s trim and glazing points from the window’s perimeter. Remove any leftover fragments of glass and scrape away any old glazing compound from the frame.

french door glass replacement kenosha county

4. Calculate and Cut Glass
Measure the opening and subtract 18 inches from the height and width to determine the required size for your new piece of glass. You should then cut a replacement piece of safety glass to the specified dimensions, as safety glass will not shatter if your French door breaks again. If you do not know how to cut glass properly, call a local glass firm to create a piece of glass to fit your door.

5. Arrange The Glass
Spread a little drop of glazing compound along the frame’s perimeter, then press the glass pane into place. Push the glazing points into the frame to secure the glass, then reinstall the stops and re-tap the brad nails. Utilize a nail punch to embed the brad nail heads. Fill nail holes and any gaps in the frame with wood filler. Finally, the door frame can be painted to match the rest of the door.

You may be able to replace a window pane in your Kenosha home French doors if you’re a handy do-it-yourselfer, but if you tend to need more assistance with household tasks, you may want to call a professional glass business for assistance. You can have a new safety glass pane professionally fitted in your French doors in no time at all if you take advantage of swift and efficient service. For French door repairs and other services involving glass, call our Genesis Sliding Door experts now for prompt service and expert results.

We offer window Lock and latch repair, handle repair or replacement, roller, and ball bearing repair, track realignment or replacement, and much more as well. Contact us right away for assistance and pricing info in Kenosha WI!

Replacement Method For Patio Glass | Kenosha, Wisconsin  Patio Doors

Replacement of a patio glass door is one of the most common and challenging door repairs. It is challenging to replace patio door or window glass on your own; save time and money by hiring us or a qualified pane glass repair specialist for windows and doors in Kenosha Wisconsin.

Genesis Sliding Doors offers six sites in the area that offer the most affordable Kenosha services for house glass repair and replacement. Obtain personalized glass solutions from reputable local pros or us at Genesis and view direction Davenport too.

Replacing Broken Patio Door Glass | What To Expect?

When you view directions Rockford and contact us at Genesis Glass Door Replacement for glass window repairs or Kenosha replacements (broken patio doors and old door glass), we make it simple for you to maximize your experience:

  • When you schedule a consultation with one of our windows and door replacement specialists, they will come to your home to measure your patio doors and evaluate the scope of the project.
  • We will include an upfront, flat-rate quote that includes pricing and project scope. We’ll arrange a follow-up installation appointment after you accept the quote. Double the service for one low, affordable price. 
  • Our experts will clean up the work area after the french or patio doors windows have been removed and send you guidance on how to care for your new doors


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