Fox River Park

This 257-acre park on the Fox River Park has a riverfront, marshes, upland oak-hickory forests, open meadows, and a deep marsh. The paved Fox River Trail connects the park to the Waukesha County trail system. There are 2.25 miles of paved trails and 4.3 miles of woodland trails in the park.

Fox River Park, located along the Fox River and one of eight parks in the Waukesha County Parks system, is a wonderful jewel! Its one-of-a-kind natural playground constructed into a slope in the park is unique in the area. Visitors claim that the slide alone is worth the trip!

In addition to slides, sand, and great climbing and play equipment, this park has three forested paths under two miles long, as well as over two miles of a paved route for pram hikes across the park. The open space surrounding the playground is the ideal place to enjoy a sunny day! Read more about Pewaukee Lake before visiting. For glass door installation contact Genesis Sliding doors are also situated in Waukesha WI. You can contact us at 847-851-4065.

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