Glass doors are both stylish and functional, whether they are part of a sliding glass door in your home or an entryway bifold door for a business. However, there are times when the glass will shatter or break. Can you replace sliding glass doors without replacing the frame?

However, many property owners and business owners are unaware that broken glass does not always necessitate the replacement of the entire door. Often, only the glass needs to be replaced. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know to start saving money and avoiding the unnecessary hassle of replacing an entire door.


What are the advantages of replacing only the glass?

When a problem arises, there are numerous advantages to replacing only the glass. For starters, you save a significant amount of money. The remaining door structure can be left in place when our professionals only replace the glass.

There are numerous instances where only the glass is damaged. A stray piece of debris can come into contact with the glass, causing it to crack. In this case, it simply makes sense to replace the glass.

Seek professional help

Our professional glass installer will remove the broken pane, clean the frame, and replace it. The professional will then use weatherstripping or caulking to secure the new glass in place, preventing unwanted drafts inside your home or business. Although removing and installing replacement glass may appear simple, you are always better off hiring a professional. First, there’s the size issue—you need the exact right cut to fit the door. You should also remember that you are still dealing with broken glass, and attempting to do this as a DIY project could result in serious injury. A professional contractor can also help you find the right, high-quality glass for your door.

Avoid installation issues

Replacing a door may appear to be a simple task, but it is not without complications. The experts can usually replace a piece of glass in a single day. You will not have to deal with a broken glass door for an extended period of time this way.

The process becomes significantly more difficult when the experts have to replace an entire door. They must remove the entire door, including the frame. They must first install a new door, and only then can they install the new glass. The entire process may take a few days, and while you can cover it with a tarp, for the time being, it is a hassle you should avoid. Genesis are best one for sliding door glass replacement near me.

Get the same glass you used before

You might have liked the glass in your door before. When you entrust this type of work to professionals, you can be confident that you will receive the same results as before. They will remember which glass worked well the last time and can give you exactly what you want. They can, however, recommend other types of glass, and you may discover that something else would work better. In addition, we install storefront glass.

How to Remove Broken Glass From Sliding Glass Door

Patio door glass can be installed in two ways. First, wrap-around. In this method, the door frame is totally disassembled. Door corners are usually bolted or clipped together. The glass is out of the frame when the screws or clips are removed. This frame style may have a wrap-around gasket or be coated with sealant or gasket strips. Take apart the existing frame, measure the original glass’s dimensions (and thickness), then order a replacement piece of glass.

You’ll want to reassemble the frame and glass while you wait for a replacement. If the original glass is damaged, tempered glass can erupt and fall out of the opening. If a patio door’s insulating glass unit is shattered, you can still apply the above method. If both panes of tempered glass are cracked, measure the insulating glass spacer in the frame to acquire the glass size. The tempered glass around the device adheres to the spacer sealant, revealing how much larger the glass is than the spacer frame.

Another method for installing glass in a patio door uses a removable stop or molding that seems like it’s part of the door frame. These detachable stops enable proper glass door measuring. This is usual for commercial sliding doors. Some wooden patio doors feature frames that wrap around the glass but are bonded or pushed together, making measurement or replacement difficult. You’ll need to acquire a new patio door with glazed glass in these circumstances. I’ve seen this unique door.

You ask the Glass Detective how much to add to the “daylight” opening for the glass size. Add-to-daylight could be 5/8 to 1 inch, depending on the patio door maker. You also estimate the glazing system’s glass thickness and rubber gasket allowance. Don’t guess. Unless you’re experienced, estimating sizes or thickness could make the process tough. Virtually all professional glass businesses utilize an infrared instrument to measure glass thickness, which gives them the overall unit thickness, pane thickness, and air space thickness. Modern glass measurement instruments can even detect low-E coatings. If the patio door is next to a fixed glass panel, you should match any glass coatings.

Call Us For All Of Your Glass Replacement Needs

You should contact us if you need new glass installed. We will make your home feel more comfortable by focusing solely on the glass. Do you want to know about the replacement cost? Read What is the cost of installing sliding glass door. Contact Genesis Sliding Glass doors to replace patio door glass. For more information, call us at 847-851-4065.


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