Door County Historical Museum

The Chicago Tribune named this museum the “Best Small Museum in the Midwest.” Educational exhibits depict Door County’s Historical Museum, including orchards, industries, early settlers, and much more. Over a hundred native species are featured in the spectacular “Seasons of Life” wildlife diorama by nationally renowned taxidermist Mike Orthober. The Pioneer Fire Station displays three […]

Cana Island

Cana Island is a lakefront island in the town of Baileys Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin, in the United States. The Cana Island Light is located on the island’s east side. When the water level is low, it is possible to walk to Cana Island from the mainland. A webcam operated by the county parks department […]

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

The Eagle Bluff Light, also known as the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse or simply Eagle Bluff, is a lighthouse in Peninsula State Park in Door County, Wisconsin, near Ephraim. Although construction was authorized in 1866, the lighthouse was not completed until 1868 at the cost of $12,000. In 1926, it was automated. The Eagle Bluff Lighthouse […]

Rock Island State Park

Rock Island State Park is a Wisconsin state park located on Rock Island, off the tip of the Door Peninsula, on the eastern edge of Green Bay and Lake Michigan. The Town of Washington Island, particularly Jack Hagen, the town chairman, proposed Rock Island as a state park in early 1961. There was a lot […]

Peninsula State Park

Peninsula State Park is a 3,776-acre (1,528 ha) Wisconsin state park in Door County with eight miles (13 km) of Green Bay shoreline. Peninsula is Wisconsin’s third largest state park, with an estimated one million visitors annually. Members of the Wisconsin State Park Board visited Door County in May 1908 to look for a location […]

Sliding Glass Door Adjustment Screw Not Working

Is your sliding glass door difficult to open? So today, we’ll give simple techniques to assist you in getting your stuck sliding glass door working again. Why sliding glass door adjustment screw not working? Before we begin, here is a list of the materials you will require: Toothbrush or Brush Made of Wire WD-40 or […]

Sliding Glass Door Squeaks

Squeaking sliding glass doors indicate that the track and rollers require lubrication. Ill-advised changes in soil and humidity can cause squeaking sliding doors. If the rollers are not changed properly, the lowest section of a door can creak and delay the track. In certain circumstances, replaced rollers may perform well until soil forms on the […]

My Sliding Glass Door Has a Gap

Glass doors save electricity and let in lots of light. They’re space-saving and simple. Glass doors are so much more than these. We did the research; keep reading. Why my sliding glass door has a gap? A seal strip fills gaps– This increases door friction. Adhesive or magnetic seal strips lock and unlock sliding doors. […]

How To Remove Sliding Glass Door For Cleaning

Removing a sliding glass door may appear to be difficult, but after you’ve grasped the basics, it may be easier than you imagined! You may need to remove a sliding glass door for a variety of reasons, including repairing or replacing panes, restoring the proper slide, or transporting bulky objects such as furniture. How to […]

How To Adjust Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors will become stuck over time and will need to be adjusted. If you leave the situation unattended for too long, you risk causing irreparable damage to the door and the track it slides on. Examine the issue with your sliding doors. Shower door adjustments solve typical difficulties. How to adjust sliding glass […]